If you have seen my paintings and would like an understanding of the basics of how I use acrylic materials to achieve the textures and glazes found in my style of work this may be the course for you


Q - Who is the course intended for ?
A - Anyone who has seen my paintings and would like to understand the basics of how I use acrylic materials to achieve my style of work. It may also be of interest to other artists who usually work in a different medium and who would like to see what acrylics can offer.

Q - Do I need any previous art experience ?
A - No, you do not need any previous experience in art at all.

Q - What will I achieve from the course ?
A - You will learn the difference between Acrylic Pastes and Acrylic Gels which I use to create my paintings. You will also learn different ways to apply them and the range of textures and finishes possible by following simple step by step instructions. I am also hoping you will be pleased enough with your paintings to want to hang them when you get them home !

Q - How many people will be on each course ?
A - I can either teach on a 1-2-1 basis or if you would like to attend with a friend I can accommodate up to 2 people for each course. I can offer a discount if you book with a friend plus you would also benefit from seeing more materials and techniques being used, taught and discussed if you both chose different options.

Q - How long is the course ?
A - Because of the drying times with acrylics the course has to run for 5 x half days [ either all mornings 10am to 1pm or all afternoons 2pm to 5pm - your choice ]

NOTE: At the end of your course you will have 2 finished paintings. However the edges to your canvasses will be unfinished and the final process would be to apply a gloss varnish once your paintings have fully cured. This will both unify the gloss gels with the pastes and also protect the paintings from scratches and uv light. This process is optional but recommended especially if you are planning to hang them once you get them home.

- If you are able to return to the studio a week or more after completing your course I will varnish and edge your paintings for you ready for collection at your convenience.

- If you are on vacation and returning home at the end of the course I will post your edged and varnished paintings to you by recorded delivery.

Q - What will it COST ?
A - The COST is £350 - the same or less than if buying ONE painting of the same size 30x30cm from my studio or gallery - or if you book with a friend the cost would be £300 per person

Q - What does it INCLUDE ?
A - The COURSE INCLUDES TWO 30x30cm deep box canvasses for you to take away as completed paintings, all materials, tuition and very important - tea/coffee/biscuits to keep you going !

Q - Do I need to bring anything ?
A - No, just yourself and a pad and pen if you want to jot down notes OR make a photographic record of your progress if you have a smart phone - PLUS IMPORTANT - please wear old clothes on the course, if you get acrylic on your clothing it will NOT wash out.

Q - What do I do next ?
A - Firstly thank you for getting this far !
Now please take the time to look at the
paintings in gallery 4 on this site and choose TWO that you would like to attempt. They can be from either of the 3 sections FOAM - FLOW - POOL. If you are planning to do the course with a friend it would be an advantage for you both to choose different styles as you will then see more materials and techniques being used, taught and discussed. Please contact me if you have any further questions or to register your interest.

CONTACT details can be found at the bottom of the homepage