'illusion of being there'

My work is influenced by the wild coast of North Norfolk and recently Gran Canaria showing the landscape or details within, in a unique contemporary abstracted style. I use bold acrylic textures and deep transparent acrylic and resin glazes to reflect and refract light and colour from different angles to enhance the ' illusion of being there ’ moving through the landscape

My Biography is fairly self explanatory in the short summation most galleries and exhibitions require, however further description about my aims, ideas and techniques to create my paintings are set out below:


With most people having access to a camera or more likely a smart phone, it is very easy to capture a moment to look back on. As pleasant and precious as these photographs can be, I am trying to go further by evoking thoughts and memories of the sights, sounds and elements of a landscape, to compliment them or which may just surface as a random thought.


I usually have an idea for a painting way before I actually start it. It may come from having looked at a photograph or from actually being in a landscape. I'm not interested in copying the photograph or the landscape but instead how it makes me feel. This may be how the tide has shaped the sand or how the light hits a stretch of water. All my work relies on texture, light and usually water and how they relate to each other, whether as a larger landscape or a small detail within a landscape. My use of colour is also important to me where some are exaggerated and saturated and others almost becoming monochrome grey or black to express the mood I feel for the moment of time I'm trying to create. At the end of the day it all comes from my memories and imagination, somewhere between reality, interpretation and abstract, which helps make my work original.


I always start by creating a textured base which more often than not has many layers and becomes sculptural or even 3D. I spend a lot of time on this first process because a poor base will result in a poor painting. The texture comprises of different layers of Acrylic Pastes which have different properties. I often work from a black base. I layer Acrylic Pigments of metallics, interference and transparent colours, so that the first layer can be seen through to the last layer, adding depth and luminosity. All colour mixing is therefor done on canvas by layering. Once completed I pour Acrylic Gels to represent water elements and sometimes sky elements too [ the water and sky both become fluid in my mind especially with coastal representations ] These can be poured neat or tinted. Adjustments are then made with further Acrylic Pigments. Once this is complete, layers of Resin are added to the water areas for a super glossy appearance. Again these can be clear or tinted, poured or splashed. This is a very quick simplistic overview of my process, where all of the layers can be adjusted and tweaked, back and forth, during the process of the painting. Each painting can take between 3 to 4 weeks to complete as each layer has to dry before the next is applied.

I work on Jackson's Deep Box Canvases and use GOLDEN ACRYLIC - Pastes and Gels together with Total Cast Resin.

If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch.

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